Did you know the fancy term for a nose job is rhinoplasty? This term basically means nose reshaping. The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, and even a slight alteration in its size or shape can significantly change a person’s appearance. When an individual turns to cosmetic-rhinoplasty, they wish to improve their nose aesthetically in order to create harmony with the other facial features. At Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics we are the best choice when it comes to plastic surgery Orlando.


Nose Reshaping Is Beneficial to Health

Getting plastic surgery of the nose can also reshape the interior of the nose. This makes it so an individual can breath more easily. The surgical reconstruction and shaping of the bone and cartilage enhance both the appearance and function of the nose.


Consulting With a Professional for Rhinoplasty

Those who desire plastic surgery for their noses, do so for many reasons. This can be for health reason such as trouble breathing, and also due to traumatic injuries to the face. However many patients who undergo this procedure just wish to improve their appearance by altering the size or shape of the nose to improve their appearance.


It is important to consult with an expert facial plastic surgeon who specializes in nose surgery. During the consultation, the surgeon will take photographs and ask about the person’s:

  • Skin type
  • Ethnic background
  • Age (Unless severe breathing problems are present, the person should be age 15 or older)
  • History of previous surgery or trauma
  • History of nasal obstruction or breathing problems


In addition, the surgeon will explain:

  • How the nasal bones and cartilage can be sculpted to reshape the nose
  • What the person can expect from the procedure
  • Where the surgery will take place
  • Options for anesthesia
  • Possible complications


The Procedure and Care

The surgery can take place in a hospital or a surgeon’s office-based surgical facility. It can also take place in an outpatient surgery center. Regardless of the type of procedure, the surgeon will ensure the person is comfortable by using anesthesia. General anesthesia causes a deep sleep during surgery while a combination of mild sedative medications and local anesthesia allows the patient to remain awake but relaxed and pain-free throughout the procedure.


Once the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon may make the initial incision on the underside of the nose then move the skin to gain access to the bone and cartilage beneath. The surgeon may use a scalpel to remove excess cartilage, and a delicate instrument called an osteotome to shape the bone carefully. While performing cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the nose, the surgeon may also surgically address issues in the nasal airway to improve nasal breathing.


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