Getting plastic surgery is a huge decision. One that requires a lot of thinking and weighing out your options. Anytime you go under the knife there are risks that should be considered no matter what condition your health is in. However, according to a plastic surgeon if you’re a smoker, there are even more concerns to be considered when you decide to have a procedure. If you’re someone who smokes and is considering plastic surgery you need to make sure you do your homework and research before making any final decisions. If you’re in the Orlando area, you should call Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics for a consultation. They are the best plastic surgeon in Orlando and can sit to talk with you about the surgery you’re considering as well as the risks associated with it.


Plastic Surgery & Smoking: Why They Don’t Mix According To A Plastic Surgeon

The dangers of smoking are no secret. About twenty percent of deaths in America are smoking-related. It is well-documented that smoking leads to a number of cancers including lung, throat, and mouth. Not to mention its contribution to other health conditions including stroke, heart disease, emphysema, and aneurysms. In addition to causing severe health problems smoking while undergoing surgery can cause many other complications including compromising your end results.


You may be wondering how and why smoking can affect your surgical results. When you smoke tobacco the binding of oxygen is restricted which ends up constricting your blood vessels. When this happens, the oxygen levels available to your blood cells is decreased. This impacts your body during surgery because when there is less oxygen available your body’s wound healing capacity is limited. This means that when a smoker undergoes surgery, they are at a higher risk for wound separation, raised scars, infections and skin death. Also, smokers are more likely to experience complications from anesthesia, to be admitted to the intensive care unit post surgery, have more extended hospital stays, and are more often readmitted to the hospital. For these reasons, the best plastic surgeon in Orlando along with other board-certified surgeons have created strict guidelines for treating patients who smoke.


Regardless of the type of operation, you’re having all of their success relies on good blood supply, which smokers are lacking. Adequate blood flow is critical for you to heal after your procedure properly. By definition, plastic surgery is altering the shape of your body. Your surgeon often moves or removes tissue, skin, or fat to achieve your desired results. Doing this decreases blood supply even more, but usually not enough to affect the body’s natural healing process. However, this isn’t the case for smokers. Because their blood supply is already diminished these plastic surgery procedures can be extremely dangerous for them.


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