If you’ve been thinking about getting the Orlando microneedling that everyone is talking about, it’s important to learn more about the procedure and why people are rushing to get it done themselves! The team of professionals at ReinventMe in Orlando are experts in a wide variety of procedures, including the vampire facelift, IV therapy, as well as other surgical and nonsurgical procedures. They have the knowledge to share information about these treatments and let you know why they are so popular. Keep reading to find out more about microneedling and why it has become so popular.


Reasons You Should Consider The Orlando Microneedling Treatment Everyone Loves

It’s not always easy to decide whether or not you want to undergo some type of cosmetic treatment it doesn’t matter if it’s something nonsurgical like a vampire facelift, or surgical like a tummy tuck deciding to have any procedure done can be a difficult decision. That is why it is crucial for you to speak with a professional about what you’re thinking about having, why you want to have it done, and why people love it so much. If you’re going back and forth about whether microneedling is for you, keep reading below for the reasons why so many people are saying you should!

  • You’ll notice results quickly: Due to the integrated RF energy in some types of microneedling, the collagen production in your skin is accelerated, resulting in faster skin tightening. Also, the LED light helps combat inflammation and increases the healing time. Finally, thanks to the gold-tipped needles that are used, there are microchannels created on the surface of your skin allows the nutrient serums to penetrate the skin deeper. The serums used during treatment are utilized to help your skin rebuild new collagen and elastin rapidly. 
  • You can get noticeable results in as little as three visits: Most average patients notice smoother, softer, and younger-looking skin and improved skin-tone in as little as one treatment. What this means is that after just three sessions, you have the ability to reach your optimal results. 
  • The procedure is virtually painless: When microneedling was first introduced the technology that was used was a roller or a pen that could tear the skin during the actual treatment. However, thanks to the advancements made, the superfine, insulated, and gold-tipped needles enter the skin smoothly, which means there is no tearing. Also, the professional conducting your treatment will apply a numbing cream thirty minutes before the procedure begins to make sure you remain comfortable. Also, a soothing mask will be applied immediately after treatment to help cool your skin as well as minimize any redness. 
  • It is suitable for all skin tones and types: Previously, patients with darker skin tones have had a difficult time finding skin resurfacing treatments that work for them because peels and lasers can remove skin layers, which comes with a risk of permanent pigmentation changes. However, this microneedling procedure encourages natural skin resurfacing without using any harsh chemicals. This means that it is one hundred percent safe for lighter and darker skin tones alike. 


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