Do you know anyone who has decided to have nose surgery or revision rhinoplasty? Do you know what the procedure entails? Well, before you start searching for “plastic surgery near me” Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics in Orlando want to give you some background information, so you know what to expect and what to look for.


What Exactly Is Nose Surgery and Revision Rhinoplasty?

It is no secret that any plastic surgeon would say that rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated procedures they have to perform. One of the biggest reasons it is so challenging is because the nose is directly in the center of the patient’s face and it’s made of both bone and cartilage. Another challenge that surgeons run into is the fact that they are working on trying to fix any deformities while also trying to preserve the function of the nose. You don’t want to come out of surgery with a nose that looks good but doesn’t work correctly. So before you find plastic surgery near me make sure you keep reading for all the information you should know!


Patients who get revision rhinoplasty have previously gotten another nose procedure one or more times in the past, but are still looking to make changes or improvements to their appearance. Sometimes people may be looking to make more than cosmetic changes and are in need of changes to the function of their noses. These reasons are often times why plastic surgeons have such a difficult time working on these cases. Often times, when patients are coming back for a repeat procedure like this, they are unhappy with the results of their previous surgery, and they may not fully understand that having another rhinoplasty done may not fix all of the problems they are seeing. Also, scar tissue that is present from the first surgery can create an issue for the surgeons doing the revision; this could also get in the way of the patient receiving the results they are hoping for.


Another reason surgeons run into difficulty with this procedure is that many times it requires the use of cartilage for structural support in either the tip or bridge of the patient’s nose. However, the septal cartilage that is found in the nose isn’t usually an option, so plastic surgeons have to go elsewhere in the body. This is often times the ear or the ribs. Another thing surgeons may need to “borrow” from other parts of the patient’s body is soft tissue. It is common for the soft tissue along the bridge of the nose to be insufficient, and surgeons will create small incisions within the hairline to get what they need. On occasion, there are scars left on the nose that need to be cover with a graft, which also requires skin to be taken from other parts of the body.


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