Using IVs to treat conditions is nothing new. Hospitals and doctor’s offices have been using them for years to different a variety of things. That is why it’s time for you to consider trying the IV therapy Orlando locals love! The professionals at Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics in Orlando aren’t don’t just employ the best plastic surgeon in Orlando, but they offer some of the other top treatments in the area. If you think that this innovative treatment is something that could be beneficial to you keep reading to find out all of the information you need to know.


Why You Should Consider IV Therapy Orlando!

The use of IV therapy is a new idea in the field of medicine. In fact, it’s one of the oldest treatments around. However, the way it is now being used is completely different than before just ask the best plastic surgeon in Orlando. Previously hospitals have used it to treat conditions like dehydration and nutrient disorders, but now it’s being utilized in independent clinics and house-call businesses across the globe to help make people feel better, especially when they are dealing with hangovers. Other conditions it is being used to help include migraines, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also being used to help those who are looking for a boost in nutrition, energy, beauty, and immunity.


The actual bag of the medication itself for the drip changes depending on what the patient is trying to achieve. A popular drip is called the Myers’ cocktail, and it is a combination of magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin B. The purpose of these drips is to deliver a high concentration of vitamins and minerals to the patient directly through the blood that way the body absorbs them quicker and it is able to receive the benefits quicker than it would if they were coming from another medication like a pill because with those methods the body doesn’t entirely absorb the medication. If you think that IV therapy is something you want to try, it is important that you are aware of a few things.

  • Know the risks: IV therapy isn’t safe for everyone. Patients with congestive heart failure should be cautious of this treatment because of the effects the excess fluids could have on them. It is important to speak with all of your doctors before deciding to undergo this procedure.
  • Choose your clinic wisely: If you decide that IV therapy is right for you, it is critical that you choose a clinic carefully and after doing extensive research on what they offer, who is performing the therapy, and what other patients have said about them. Not all clinics are created equal; it’s important to remember that.
  • Manage your expectations: You need to remember, like anything, the results of IV therapy depend on the individual patient. So if you know someone who went through the treatment and got one result, it may be different for you.


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