HCG Weight Loss Could Be The Solution For You

What’s really keeping you from losing weight? Try the program that could likely help you lose 15-20 pounds per month! When it comes to weight loss, there are often many misconceptions, and many failed regimens. Often, they are only focusing on exercise or a ridiculously strict diet that no one can hope to maintain forever. The true solution is to make lifestyle changes that incorporate all the unique needs of your body. But we can help move the process along. Sometimes you are blocked by certain stubborn deposits of fat that keep you from your desired weight goal. That’s why ReinventMe is here to help with HCG weight loss! We’ve helped many Lady Lake residents get their weight under control and learn to maintain it that way. It’s just one of the ways we help all our clients learn to feel good about themselves.

Benefits of this Program

The HCG program is unlike any other. We don’t give you a long list of things you can and can’t eat or force you to start exercising vigorously out of the blue. We create a program that is specifically tailored to you so that you can identify the stubborn parts of your body that need help with the weight loss and learn exactly what your body needs overall to thrive at your optimal weight.
HCG is a hormone injection that goes after expendable fat, and helps you get a better understanding of the actual causes of your weight gain. For example, through this program you will develop a plan that sets an optimal calorie range, exercise schedule, fights craving, and more. Whatever’s causing you to gain that unwanted weight, your doctor will examine and discuss with you!
This allows you to fight fat and set habits that will improve your overall health for a lifetime!

How HCG Weight Loss Works

Your HCG program starts with an individual assessment of your health— why are you gaining weight, why can’t you lose certain spots, how much do you need to lose, is HCG right for you? This will help you set your own parameters and goals.

Next, your treatment will require daily injections of the HCG hormone in the same spot, at the same time, every day for the duration of your program. You will also need to follow a diet of no more than 500 calories per day. (This is so that you do not build up more fat, and your body therefore instead uses its fat reserves already in place, aka, where you are trying to lose weight.) The program also recommends light exercise. After the first duration (4-6 weeks), many patients undergo the program again, until they have met their weight goals.

Because the program requires you to make certain day-to-day changes, the long length of time of the program allows you to solidify these changes into good lifestyle habits. Meaning you lose the weight, and learn to stay that way.

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ReinventMe is proud to offer HCG weight loss as just one of the many services that help our patients look and feel like their very best selves. We’re conveniently located in Lady Lake, helping clients throughout central Florida! Give us a call to start your HCG program!