Today, we’ve seen major progress in the decriminalization of cannabis-based products. This has, in many ways, been a huge advantage for patients who found that prescription medication wasn’t working, or that the side effects were worse than the condition. Have you wondered about how this influences cosmetic surgery? Could using medical cannabis be an effective way to treat pain after plastic surgery? We at ReinventMe in Orlando want to take a moment to discuss this and share with you the information you need to make the right choice. We specialize in helping many patients in our area walk out of our office feeling as confident as possible with their appearance, and because of this and our medical knowledge, we want to help you know how to approach a potential surgery safely.


The Truth About CBD Products and Surgery

After plastic surgery, it’s not uncommon for patients to feel some amount of pain or swelling around the area. This is temporary, and after healing completely, all discomfort will go away. That said, many patients wonder if medical cannabis or other CBD products can be used to alleviate this pain. For post-op use, CBD can be beneficial for handling pain, but it’s advised that patients do not smoke during this time. Smoking can lead to respiratory issues like nasty coughing which can disrupt the body’s healing process. In these cases, it’s better to consume the cannabis through edibles, or try vaporizing. These can provide safer results; however, for pre-op use, it’s highly advised that patients avoid any kind of CBD products or other forms of medication leading to the surgery. Different kinds of medicine can interfere with anesthetics or medication used in the surgery, so it’s important to avoid any and all medications leading up to your surgery appointment.


When Going into Cosmetic Surgery, Be Transparent

One thing we cannot stress enough is to be completely transparent with your physician regarding what you’re taking. Surgery is a big deal, and the professionals handling your surgery need to know what’s going on in your body to approach things anesthetics and pain medication with absolute safety. Physicians are not there to judge you on your life decisions, but to take care of you and ensure you’re happy, healthy, and comfortable. Withholding information is risky as you don’t know what could happen once you start mixing in different kinds of medicine with the substances you’re taking or that are in your system going into surgery. This applies to anything that could be influencing your body, from recreational marijuana to CBD oil, or other things like prescription medication. Always inform the physician who is caring for you.


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