Are you considering cosmetic surgery in Orlando? If you are it is essential to know what to expect not only from the procedure you are getting but also from the anesthesia that you will undergo. Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics has the best plastic surgeon in Orlando, and they want to make sure that you have all of the information you need before deciding whether or not you want to have surgery. Whether you are in Orlando or in another state, you should have all of the information and background knowledge possible. Keep reading to find out more!


Understanding What To Expect From Cosmetic Surgery in Orlando

It doesn’t matter if you’ve hired the best plastic surgeon in Orlando chances are you are extremely nervous about the details of your cosmetic procedure. Although you are probably ecstatic to see the end results undergoing surgery especially anesthesia can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking. You are definitely not alone in this feeling. In fact, research has found that about thirty percent of patients who are having cosmetic surgery are more afraid of the general anesthesia than they are of the actual operation.


It is completely acceptable to fear things you don’t know. Even if you have been under anesthesia before there’s always a chance your body will react differently, but it’s important to know all the facts. For instance, mortality rates associated with general anesthesia are extremely low especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures. General anesthesia is very safe, and most patients experience no side effects or complications because of it. There are some risk factors to consider and think about when you are undergoing a procedure. These factors are poor overall health, obesity, smoking, sickness, and old age can usually be blamed for anesthesia complications. You also need to make sure you are upfront and honest with your doctors about any medications you may be taking since these can cause problems as well.


On the day of your operation and nurse will help get you prepared before you are taken into the operating room. As the nurse is preparing you for your procedure, an anesthesiologist will come in to discuss the surgery and the process of administering anesthesia. After they have spoken with you will either get an IV drip with the medication or an injection. As soon as the medication enters your bloodstream, the effects will hit you quickly. Sometimes anesthesiologist will make you count backward or talk to you about your day to distract you from any anxiety you may be feeling. This is also a way for them to monitor your reaction to the medication. General anesthetic impacts your whole body and works on four different levels.

  • Unconsciousness: the medication will sedate you and put you into a deep sleep that can appear like a coma.
  • Immobility: you will be unable to move any part of your body.
  • Analgesia: you will not feel any pain
  • Amnesia: there will be no memory of the procedure; some people even have a hard time remembering anything from when they entered the operating room and on.


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