There are many reasons why patients seek the aid of cosmetic surgeons, but the most important reason is your own happiness and confidence. Everyone deserves to be happy with the way they look and feel confident in their own skin. A cosmetic surgeon can help patients who are unhappy with an aspect of their appearance. For example, as we age, the color of our face may drain and leave us looking tired, but a vampire facelift can use platelet rich plasma (PRP) to correct this. At ReinventMe of Orlando, we help patients find the appropriate cosmetic solutions to help them feel happy in their own skin. We’d like to share with you our tips on finding the right surgeon for you.


What’s a Vampire Facelift?

PRP is found in your own blood. The platelets that it contains includes stem cells and growth factors used to help your body regenerate naturally, such as when you’re injured. By spinning the PRP out of a blood sample, it can then be injected into areas of the body you’re looking to correct or repair. The higher concentration of PRP will cause more drastic healing to occur. With a facelift using PRP, patients can benefit from enriching the tone of their skin, combatting the natural color loss from aging, as well as add facial volume that can also be lost during aging. This helps to fill out areas of the face that have lost volume, correct fine lines, and restore vitality back into your face. The effects of the facelift are long-lasting (about 12 months or more), in which you can go back for a touch up.


Tips for Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

For many, the decision to seek the help of a cosmetic doctor can be a little intimidating. You’re placing a lot of trust in someone’s hands to take care of you, so you’ll want to make sure you find the right surgeon for the job. Here are a few key elements you’ll want to consider when researching a doctor near you:

  • Experience
    • When searching for a surgeon, you not only want the help of one who’s experienced in cosmetic procedures, but you’ll also want to make sure they specialize in the procedure you’re looking to have. Every surgeon is different and will have different specialties, so finding one that performs the procedure you’re looking for regularly ensures that they’re consistent. Try to find one where the procedure you’re looking for is in their top 3 most common procedures they perform.
  • Expertise
    • Plastic surgeons are all required to be certified by the American Board of PLastic Surgery in the US or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Cosmetic surgery is a complex specialty, so it’s important that the surgeon you find is not only certified, but is up-to-date on their education of the topic. Don’t be afraid to ask about their most recent education of the procedure you’re looking for.
  • Results
    • A great way to see just how consistent your surgeon is at the procedure you want is by looking at their results. Most cosmetic surgeons will have a file of before and after photos of patients that you can look through to gain a better idea of what it is you’ll walk away with. Use this to determine whether or not that’s what you’re looking for and if the surgeon shows exceptional results.


Contact Us for a Vampire Facelift

If you’re looking to improve the tone of your face, or are interested in another procedure from a cosmetic surgeon, then contact us at ReinventMe of Orlando. We have many skilled surgeons with different specializations in different procedures and are dedicated to helping our patients feel happy in their bodies once more.