Breast Augmentation

Have you been looking for the best breast augmentation Orlando has to offer? We at ReinventMe can help. We are the answer to your search of “breast augmentation near me” and we can respond to any questions you may have about breast augmentations. Breast augmentation applies broadly to the field of breast surgery. This can encompass mastopexy, otherwise known as a breast lift, and augmentation mammoplasty, which is commonly referred to as a breast augmentation. Both of these procedures are perfect for anyone who is looking to change their appearance for themselves to gain confidence and look as they feel they should look.

Breast Lift

Breast lifts are also known as a mastopexy and this surgical procedure is made to change the shape of your breasts. When a breast lift is performed, the surgeon removes the excess skin and the breast tissue is reshaped in order to raise the breasts. You may decide to have a breast lift if your breasts are sagging or if your nipples point downward. Because breast lifts will not change the size of your breasts significantly, a breast lift can also be done in conjunction with a breast augmentation or a breast reduction.

After the procedure, you will likely have swelling and bruising for a few weeks. You will also likely feel pain and soreness around the incisions. We will provide you with a surgical support bra that you are recommended to wear for three to four days continuously following the surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation refers to the procedure known as augmentation mammoplasty. This is a surgery that serves to increase the size of the breast by placing implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. For many women, this surgery can help them feel confident and proud of their bodies. For others, it can simply be a way to rebuild the breast.

Like the breast lift, soreness and swelling is likely for a few weeks after surgery. Scars will fade over time, but they will not disappear entirely on their own. It is important that you listen to our recommendations about when it is time to return to regular activities. Additionally, pay attention to your physical movement when your breasts are healing as contact and jarring movements can cause sensitivity.

Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation revision surgery is a procedure wherein the old breast implants are replaced with new ones. It could also be a chance to change the look of the breasts or improve them. Many patients who decide to get breast augmentation revision do so because the shape of their breast is different than it was when they received their first surgery. Additionally, many breast implants have a lifetime warranty on the implant device used but not on the actual implants. Usually, surgery to replace the implants is only covered for up to ten years, so women will choose to update their implants around that time.

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