Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation is not made to last forever, and it is important to be aware of when it is time to revisit it. ReinventMe in Orlando can help. We are experts in the field of augmentation surgery. We can help you with your revision and make sure you have every tool to heal properly and quickly. To learn more about us, contact us today.

Why Get Breast Augmentation Revision

Everyone who has had their breasts augmented is going to experience some degree of change over their lifespan. This is normal. However, when the change severely affects the appearance of the breast, this can be frustrating. If you are looking into getting a breast augmentation revision, you may be able to get a concurrent breast lift or reduction, reshape the breast implant pocket to reposition the implant on the chest, or increase or decrease the size, shape, or style.

You may decide, however, to get a revision because of a desire to change the size of your breasts—either by increasing or decreasing the size—or because you suffer pain from capsular contracture. You may also be concerned about a rupture or migration of implant or you want to change from saline to silicone or another different style of implant. Regardless of what your reason may be, it is important that you speak with your doctor about your options and your motivations.

Is Breast Augmentation Revision the Same as Breast Surgery?

The short answer is this: no. No two surgeries are the same and you will not have the exact same experience the second time that you had the first. That is why it is so critical to speak with your doctor about all the different aspects of your surgery. Be sure to be thorough about your expectations as well as your concerns. The more detailed you are, the better the picture your doctor will have of what you want. This will also be a time where you can discuss what it is that you do not like about your breast augmentation currently so we can have a firmer understanding of what to do in your revision.

You can expect a similar recovery time to what you would have after a breast augmentation. Adjustments may be made to accommodate the particular issues addressed in your procedure.

Looking for Breast Augmentation Revision? Contact Us

If you are looking for a breast augmentation revision, we at ReinventMe in Orlando can help. We are aesthetic experts located in Orlando. We understand that the decision to have your breast augmentation revised is one that takes time and consideration. That is why we seek to educate you as much as possible, so you can make an informed decision and trust that we are the right choice for your procedure. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you with your breast augmentation surgery, contact us at ReinventMe today.