When it comes to the topic of breastfeeding and breast implants, the area is kind of gray. Women are concerned if they will be able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation procedure. Here at Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics, we are here to shed some light on the situation. We are the best when it comes to plastic surgery Orlando.


Let’s Start With The Facts

Over 300,000 women undergo breast-augmentation every year by plastic surgeons alone in the United States. It is an excellent operation for the proper candidate, and many women only regret they didn’t do it sooner. The vast majority of patients who undergo this surgery are younger women before they have children, and breastfeeding is a concern for a large segment of women who are considering implant-based surgery.


This surgery can be performed through several different incisional options: areolar, breast crease, armpit, and belly button. Most surgeons only use the areolar which is around the pigmented part of the nipple, or breast crease incision because the outcomes have been shown to be more successful from these approaches versus the other options. There is no wrong choice. However, some incisions allow for more control and better results with certain surgeons.


What Are Some Conditions of Breast Feeding with Breast Augmentation

Concerning breastfeeding in general, it is essential to keep in mind that not all women can breastfeed their infants. There are some different reasons for this to occur and frequently the specifics are not known or identified until the patient attempts to feed their child. This is termed a “low milk supply” and can be the result of several underlying causes:

  • Insufficient glandular breast tissue
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Scar contracture
  • Previous breast radiation

Fortunately, this is a very small percentage of most new mothers. Some medications can result in low milk supply, and rarely the baby may have a metabolic or functional issue that impacts their ability to breastfeed.


Can You Still Breastfeed After Augmentation?

However, this does not mean you can’t breastfeed. Despite the proximity to the nipple and areola, the periareolar incision does not bring with it increased the risk for the diminished sensation of the nipple or an increase in the risk of breastfeeding problems after surgery. The reason for this is that the nerves and breast ducts enter the nipple from below, much like the roots of a tree. Thus, staying on the periphery of the areola, an experienced surgeon can avoid the critical structures located immediately beneath the nipple. This is why you should choose us when getting a procedure. We are the best medical experts when it comes to plastic surgery Orlando.


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