For women who wish to continue an active lifestyle, it’s important to have the expertise and guidance of a board-certified plastic surgeon following a successful procedure, when considering breast augmentation. The amount that breast surgery affects your athletic endeavors will depend on the type and placement of implants. For an average female, normal activities should not be negatively impacted or restricted, and she should return to her previous active lifestyle with little to no adjustments. However, if you’re an athlete who participates in extreme exercises that push your body to the limit, it’s important for you to pay attention to the options that you have implant size, The size increase may be limited, so that following recovery there will be no restrictions on her activities. Moreover, other physical issues such as back pain may be reduced by this limitation. The limitations that you will have throughout the phase of recovery will be told to you by your plastic surgeon. Until they advise you to resume your workout regimen, you will be restricted to light activity. However, some exercises will be encouraged to assist with proper healing. Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics offers plastic surgery Orlando residents love. Call us today at any of our four Central Florida locations for your plastic surgery needs!


Crossfit and Implant Types  


Crossfit is an exercise lifestyle that pushes your body to the extreme. These athletes will require more strenuous activity and do more with their bodies than the average active person. As their CrossFit routine requires a large range of motion, animation, and strength at a high level, breast implants need to be chosen with care in regards to their activity level as breast implants can limit these capacities and affect their physical routines. Making the right choice in breast implants and understanding implant type is crucial for CrossFit patients in order for them to continue to be effective in their exercise.


For the physically active patient, surgeons at Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics who provide plastic surgery Orlando residents love, generally recommends the cohesive gel implant. The latest and most advanced for women who require stable, comfortable, and durable implants for their active lifestyle, the cohesive gel implant is also called “gummy bear implants” as they have a more solid core unlike their more liquid-based predecessors. Gummy bear implants are utilized in a range of breast surgeries, such as augmentation and revisions and implant exchange surgery. If ruptured, the silicone core of the implants will stay intact much like their namesake. Silicone holds a large variety of firmness from the liquid (hair gel) form to a solid form (think kitchen cutting board). Gummy bear implants hold the perfect firmness to resist developing creases and folds, but feel like a normal breast.


Breast Augmentation For Active Women


One decision to make when considering breast augmentation is where the implants will go- under or over the muscle? Most women choose under the muscle as the tissue under the skin is natural, making the breast is more natural to the touch. For women who practice Crossfit or intense sports, they may develop chest muscles and may not be able to pick this option. The cohesive gel implant is popular with the CrossFit and intense athlete population de to the fact that it has a normal feel-to-touch when placed over the muscle.


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There are many options for breast augmentation depending on lifestyle choice and activity level. Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics provides plastic surgery Orlando residents love. Call us today at one of our four Central Florida locations for your plastic surgery needs!