If you’ve been thinking about having body contouring done then you may have started searching for “plastic surgery near me,” but do you know what the ideal time is to have these procedures done? According to the experts at ReinventMe in Orlando, winter is the best time for any type of weight loss. If you’re not sure why, but are interested in finding out more keep reading!


Why You Should Consider Body Contouring in the Winter Months

Have you ever heard the phrase “summer bodies are built in the winter?” Well, the reason so many people say this is because the winter is the perfect time to shred some pounds before putting on the more revealing clothing in the spring and summer. If you’ve been considering looking into “plastic surgery near me” you may want to get a little more information about why the wintertime is the best time to have these procedures done as well. 

  • It may be easier to get time off for recovery: Many companies give their employees extra time off during the holidays, which makes it easier to find a week or two of downtime after a procedure. It also could stop the questions about why you needed to be out for that extended period of time, coworkers will just assume that you’re visiting family for the holidays. 
  • Recovery could be more comfortable: The heat has a tendency to make people uncomfortable, which could be even worse when you’re trying to recover from surgery. The cold air and breeze in the winter could make your recovery process more comfortable, especially if you are required to wear any type of compression garment to support results or reduce swelling. 
  • Winter clothing makes it easier to hide healing: The loose-fitting clothing that appears during the wintertime makes it much easier to hide scars and other healing marks. Also, the long sleeves and pants can help protect incisions from being exposed to the sun and other environmental conditions. 
  • You’ll be fully healed by summer: It can be hard to wait to show off your results especially when you have a procedure done and everyone is starting to wear their summer clothing. However, having the procedure done in the winter can make it easier because everyone else is in baggy and larger clothing as well. 
  • You can credit your look to your New Year’s resolutions: Not everyone wants to tell the world that they had plastic surgery and that should be a choice you’re able to make. Having your procedure done during the winter months allows you to keep your results under wraps for months until the summertime, which means you can then tell everyone that you were committed to eating right and working out. 


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