Most people would do anything they could to get their hands on the anti aging treatments that could help them look younger. This is the reason why skincare procedures like the vampire facelift have become so popular over the years. However, before deciding which treatment method is the right one for you, it’s crucial that you understand a little more about all of your options. This is where a team of professionals, like the ones at Reinvent Me in Lady Lake, come in. They have the knowledge to assist you with figuring out the best way to obtain the younger-looking skin you’re searching for. 


The Secret Anti Aging Treatments You Should Know About

When it comes to looking younger, most people assume that it is all about your skincare routine, and having procedures like the vampire facelift done will instantly help you appear more youthful than you actually are. However, this isn’t the entire truth. Experts want people to know that it is not just about your skincare regime and making sure that you have the right lotions and serums. It is also about your nail care and your hair color. There are a number of secrets that people don’t think of when they are trying to achieve a younger look. Below you’ll find some of the best-kept ones!

  • Warm it up: When you go to get your hair done, to make sure you are asking your stylist for warm tones, sticking with golden colors can help brighten your face. It is crucial to avoid any ash tones because they can closely resemble grey, which is something you desperately want to avoid. 
  • Protect your skin: It is common to forget about your neck when applying sunscreen, which is unfortunate because it is one of the first areas that will show aging aside from your under-eye area. It is imperative that you use at least SPF 25 when you are out in the sun. 
  • Thicker brows: Although it’s believed to be for the younger generation, thicker eyebrows can help give the illusion of a younger face. If you are trying to get a younger look investing in a quality brow pencil is a big must. It is best to find a product that is a mixture of a pencil and powder, that way you will get the soft and more natural texture of a powder, but the precision of a pencil. 
  • Shimmer blush: If you don’t use the right blush, you can quickly end up looking older than you are. You want to make sure that you find a pink or peachy blush with radiant golden shimmer. Using this color palette will brighten any skin tone and provide your cheekbones a little lift to make your face appear younger and fuller. 
  • Give your skin vitamin A: Vitamin A is one of the most critical anti-aging treatments! Everyone, despite their age, should be using some type of Vitamin A product as a part of their nighttime routine. This vitamin encourages healthy skin production, aids with unclogging pores, evens out discoloration, and can help smooth skin. 


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